标题:一位不适合于一场流行病的总统A president unfit for a pandemic 副标题:大量痛苦和死亡本可预防,总统手上满是人血。Much of the suffering and death coming was preventable. The president has blood on his hands
“万事万物崩离,中心难以为继。” (诗人W·B·叶芝写于1919年)。一个世纪后,很明显,疫情爆发的中心已扛不住。白宫的灾难性决定使世界最富有的国家注定要经历一段不可描述的苦难。“Things fall apart; the center cannot hold,” wrote W.B. Yeats in 1919. A century later, it’s clear: The epicentercannot hold. Catastrophic decisions in the White House have doomed the world’srichest country to a season of untold suffering. 美国,有着世界一流研究机构和医院,长久以来一直是科学进步和医学创新的灯塔,如今则成为COVID-19全球大流行的枢纽,这个病毒已感染了全球至少74.5万人,并已夺走了3.5万多条生命。The United States, long a beacon ofscientific progress and medical innovation with its world-class research institutions and hospitals, is now the hub of a global pandemic that hasinfected at least 745,000 people and already claimed more than 35,000 lives worldwide. 如今,美国COVID-19确诊病例数量已14万以上,这已经超过了其他任何国家,因此,美国人在接下来的几周内将被迫看着这个疾病使家人和朋友病倒,看着病死总数上升,同时担心着自己的命运。Now that the number of confirmedCOVID-19 cases in the United States — more than 140,000 — has surpassed that ofany other nation, Americans are consigned for the coming weeks to watching theillness fell family members and friends, and to fearing for their own fate asthey watch death tolls rise. 尽管新型冠状病毒在世界范围内已扩散,但它在美国将产生的许多深远影响曾是可以避免的。当美国大众强打精神为这场危机的最糟糕情况做准备时,有件事情值得人们记住,那就是病毒的来到并非因为上帝的行动或外国入侵,而是领导层的巨大失败。While the spread of the novelcoronavirus has been aggressive around the world, much of the profound impactit will have here in the United States was preventable. As the American publicbraces itself for the worst of this crisis, it’s worth remembering that thereach of the virus here is not attributable to an act of God or a foreign invasion, but a colossal failure of leadership. 在中国爆发的疫情要求白宫能在科学的指引下,本着悲悯和公共服务,迅速而有能力地采取行动,保护大众健康。它要求政府部门能够像韩国那样有效地在全国范围内迅速部署可靠的检测、隔离病例、追踪和遏制病毒的传播,并在全国范围内制造和分发稀缺的医疗用品。The outbreak that began in China demanded a White House that could act swiftly and competently to protect publichealth, informed by science and guided by compassion and public service. It required an administration that could quickly deploy reliable tests around the nation to isolate cases and trace and contain the virus’s spread, as SouthKorea effectively did, as well as to manufacture and distribute scarce medical supplies around the country. 它期待美国总统就疾病流行的情况及其解决方案发出清晰、一致、科学的信息,以安抚公众恐惧心,为各个城市、各州提供稳定的指导。It begged for a president of theUnited States to deliver clear, consistent, scientifically sound messages onthe state of the epidemic and its solutions, to reassure the public amid theirfear, and to provide steady guidance to cities and states. 它要求的是,置国家福祉于首位,高于股市近期回报、自己连任前景,并与其他国家一起遏制COVID-19在全球扩散的一位领导人。 And it demanded a leader who would put the country’s well-being first, above near-term stock market returns and his ownreelection prospects, and who would work with other nations to stem the tide of COVID-19 cases around the world. 我们呢,有一位被全球大流行病华丽丽扑倒的总统:What we have instead is a president epically outmatched by a global pandemic. 【下面点出七大恶】这位总统,他在1月下旬美国宣布首例确诊的冠状病毒病例时,对风险轻描淡写,并坚称一切尽在掌控。A president who in late January, when the first confirmed coronavirus case was announced in the United States,downplayed the risk and insisted all was under control. 这位总统,他声称宁愿选择不让被污染的游轮乘客上岸,以人为地保持国家较低的确诊病例数量,而不是积极地对所有暴露于病毒的人进行检测。A president who, rather than aggressively test all those exposed to the virus, said he’d prefer not to bringashore passengers on a contaminated cruise ship so as to keep national case numbers (artificially) low. 这位总统,他不信任并挖科学事实的墙角,把公众带入未经证实的COVID-19治疗方法的坑里,他偷换概念,对国家是否应在复活节之前保持社交距离,以及之后的周六,是否对纽约州,新泽西州和康涅狄格州实施隔离,错误诱导大众。A president who, consistent with his mistrust and undermining of scientific fact, has misled the public about unproven cures for COVID-19, and who baited-and-switched last week about whether the country ought to end social distancing to open up by Easter, andthen, on Saturday, about whether he’d impose a quarantine on New York, NewJersey, and Connecticut.
这位总统,他承诺监督最新一揽子刺激计划中5000亿美元的公司救助资金的发放,而其中一部分将流入到其家族投资的旅游业中。A president who has pledged to oversee the doling out of the $500 billion in corporate bailout money in thelatest stimulus package, some of which will go to the travel industry in whichhis family isinvested. 这位总统,他在美国人民已经开始失去工作、健康甚至生命时,竟在最近一场新闻发布会上花大量时间抱怨作为一名富人在白宫服务有多么艰难。A president who spent a good chunk ofa recent press conference complaining about how hard it is for a rich man toserve in the White House even as Americans had already begun to lose theirjobs, their health care, and their lives. 这位总统,他通过将传染病称为“中国病毒”而加剧了种族歧视,但未能与其他国家充分合作以遏制疫情并研究该疾病。A president who has reinforced racialstigma by calling the contagion a “Chinesevirus” and failed to collaborate adequately with other countries tocontain their outbreaks and study the disease. 这位总统,他使劲甩锅并拒绝承认,更别说担责。美国国家健康研究所科学家福西(Fauci)博士见证:国家推出的测试是“失败的”这个真相。A president who evades responsibility and refuses to acknowledge, let alone own, the bitter truth of National Institutes of Health scientist Dr. Anthony Fauci’s testimony: that the country’s testing rollout was “a failing.” 在大流行病应对中,时间就是一切:它可以使其控制在持续数周的局部爆发,抑或无法控制的数百万人蔓延之间。特朗普当局在过去两个月中犯了严重错误:选择早期开发自己的诊断测试,但失败了,而没有采用世界卫生组织的测试——此举使美国的新冠病毒情形得不到反应,据大多数公共卫生专家据估计,这将导致数千甚至数十万美国人的付出生命的代价。Timing is everything in pandemic response: It can make the difference between a contained local outbreak thatendures a few weeks and an uncontrollable contagion that afflicts millions. The Trump administration has made critical errors over the past two months,choosing early on to develop its own diagnostic test, which failed, instead of adopting the World Health Organization’s test — a move that kneecapped the US coronavirus response and, by most public health experts’ estimation, will cost thousands if nothundreds of thousands of American lives. 相对于人们所预期的迅速动员联邦力量,向设备不足的医院以及全国各地在缺乏保护的状态下救治日趋增长的病患的医生和护士发送防护服、口罩和呼吸机,行政当局则试图向各州(包括马萨诸塞州)高价出售医疗用品,它援引《国防生产法》,以使稀缺的、急需的呼吸机和口罩投入生产,以便由他们在流行病高峰期将物资分发给全国的医院。这让州长和市长们陷入只能乞求帮助的困境。当局在预判危险及其后果上浪费的几个月,使COVID-19病例比本该有的数字成倍增加。Rather than making the expected federal effort to mobilize rapidly to distribute needed gowns, masks, andventilators to ill-equipped hospitals and to the doctors and nurses around thecountry who are leftunprotected treating a burgeoning number of patients, theadministration has instead been caught outbidding individual states (includingMassachusetts) trying to purchase medical supplies. It has dragged its heels oninvoking the DefenseProduction Act to get scarce, sorely needed ventilators and masksinto production so that they can be distributed to hospitals nationwide as theyhit their peaks in the cycle of the epidemic. It has left governors andmayors in the lurch, begging for help. The months the administrationwasted with prevarication about the threat and its subsequent missteps willamount to exponentially more COVID-19 cases than were necessary. 换言之,总统手上沾满了人血。【这句话狠的,点题了】In other words, the president has blood on his hands.  对于美国人民来说,在应对历史性危机时,质疑他们的领导者是否有能力、有见识并不过分。反倒是他们有着一个被腐败和无能玷污的白宫,其混杂的信息扰乱了市场并动摇了他们的安全感。It’s not too much for Americans toask of their leaders that they be competent and informed when responding to acrisis of historic proportions. Instead, they have a White House marred bycorruption and incompetence, whose mixed messages roil the markets and rocktheir sense of security. 总统不但没有悲悯心和清晰度,反而在几乎每天的全国讲话中,表现出冷漠、自怜和没有头绪。他像真人悬疑电视节目吊胃口一样,在公众面前鼓噪些未经验证的治疗方法和可能的隔离措施,他制造不安,而不是安抚人心。这场大流行病暴露出这位总统最糟糕的面目,不仅仅形同深夜喜剧素材,更耗散我们的生命、生计和我们的集体精神。Instead of compassion and clarity,the president, in his near-daily addresses to the nation, embodies callousness,self-concern, and a lack of compass. Dangling unverified curesand possible quarantines in front of the public like reality TV cliffhangers,he unsettles rather than reassures. The pandemic reveals that the worstfeatures of this presidency are not merely late-night comedy fodder; they comeat the cost of lives, livelihoods, and our collective psyche. 在这场危机中,许多关键的决策点与我们擦肩而过,但还会有更多。看在我们自己的份上,每个美国人都应该希望一个奇迹般的转折——白宫特殊工作小组那些又微小又迟钝的战略至少从现在开始,可以防止最大规模的传染和经济崩溃。但是到了11月,必须对逝去的生命、以及总统眼睁睁看着发生的、巨大的、本可避免的苦难进行清算。Many pivotal decision points in thiscrisis are past us, but more are still to come. For our own sake, everyAmerican should be hoping for a miraculous turnaround — and that thetoo-little, too-late strategy of the White House task force will henceforth atleast prevent contagion and economic ruin of the grandest scale. But comeNovember, there must be a reckoning for the lives lost, and for the vast,avoidable suffering about to ensue under the president’s watch.




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