favorite怎么读faⅴorⅰte怎么用英语读 faⅴorⅰte怎么用英语读 中文谐音:飞儿瑞特音标:[fevrt, 碃紶百咳知纠版穴保膜fevrt 最喜爱的英语单词怎么读 最…


  • faⅴorⅰte怎么用英语读
  • 中文谐音:飞儿瑞特音标:[fevrt, 碃紶百咳知纠版穴保膜fevrt


  • 最喜爱的英语单词怎么读
  • the most favorite 最高级 望采纳


  • 袁悦悦是我的最爱
  • Yueyue is my favorite


  • 小学英语阅读,回答问题。看得懂就是不知道怎么回答完整充分
  • January 20thJanuary 29thYes,peolple usually spend time with their family to have a big dinner and visit ralatives.He visited his relatives and got some poresents from them.Hes got 4 presents from his relavtives.His favorite present was the skateboard from his grandpa.


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  • 我们来到同一所高中报到,是同班同学,我们用半年的时间逐渐了解对方,并相互产生好感。他约我看电影,我还记得看的是《地狱神探》。这一天,我做了我人生中最正确的决定,跟他在一起。毕业季,分手季。我来了沈阳,他去了石家庄。开学一个星期,他选择退学复读。这是我们一年异地恋的开端。他忽然出现在我宿舍楼下,说不出来的惊喜,这所学校这么偏僻,我不知道他是怎么找到这儿的。后来我才知道,他只买到站票,站了14个小时来看我,还带着两个包我最爱吃的零食。他只说,因为想我。他考上了沈阳的一所大学,我陪他去学校报到这是我们一年异地恋的结尾。我们的故事仍在继续。只要相信爱情,就一定可以收获爱情 谢谢大家,我知道有点长,辛苦各位了,翻译不完也没关系,有几句是几句。谢谢!!!!!!!
  • 我们来到同一所高中报到,是同班同学,我们用半年的时间逐渐了解对方,并相互产生好感。We went to the same high school, classmates, we use half a years time to get to know each other, and are mutually attracted.他约我看电影,我还记得看的是《地狱神探》。这一天,我做了我人生中最正确的决定,跟他在一起。He asked me to see the movie, I remember seeing is "Constantine". To this day, I made the right decision in my life, together with him.毕业季,分手季。我来了沈阳,他去了石家庄。开学一个星期,他选择退学复读。这是我们一年异地恋的开端。Graduation season, break up season. I came to Shenyang, he went to Shijiazhuang. One week, he chose to drop out of school to repeat. This is the beginning of a year of long-distance relationship.他忽然出现在我宿舍楼下,说不出来的惊喜,这所学校这么偏僻,我不知道他是怎么找到这儿的。后来我才知道,他只买到站票,站了14个小时来看我,还带着两个包我最爱吃的零食。他只说,因为想我。He suddenly appeared downstairs in my dormitory, not surprise, this school is so lonely, I dont know how he found here. I just know later, he only bought the ticket for standing room, standing for 14 hours to see me, with two packets of my favorite snacks. He only said, because I want to.他考上了沈阳的一所大学,我陪他去学校报到这是我们一年异地恋的结尾。He has been admitted to a university in Shenyang, I accompanied him to school, this is the end of the year we a long-distance relationship.我们的故事仍在继续。Our story continues.只要相信爱情,就一定可以收获爱情If you believe in love, you can harvest love。…余下全文




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